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The following table lists functions in this documentation.

This is function sack::PSI::_SQLPromptINIValue. 
This is function sack::PSI::AddCommonAcceptDroppedFiles. 
This is function sack::PSI::AddCommonButtons. 
This is function sack::PSI::AddCommonDraw. 
This is function sack::PSI::AddCommonKey. 
This is function sack::PSI::AddCommonMouse. 
This is function sack::PSI::AdoptCommon. 
This is function sack::PSI::AdoptCommonEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::AlignBaseToWindows. 
Attach a frame to a renderer. Not sure which is sized to which if they are not the same size... probably the control is sized to the display. 
This is function sack::PSI::CaptionHeight. 
perhaps give a callback for within the loop? 
perhaps give a callback for within the loop? 
a frame in edit mode, once edit mode done, continue 
This is function sack::PSI::ControlExtraData. 
This is function sack::PSI::ControlType. 
result with an image pointer, will sue the image passed as prior_image to copy into (resizing if nessecary), if prior_image is NULL then a new Image will be returned. If the surface has not been marked as parent_cleaned, then NULL results, as no Original image is available. The image passed as a destination for the surface copy is not released, it is resized, and copied into. THe result may still be NULL the image will still be the last valid copy of the surface. 
This is function sack::PSI::CopyOriginalSurfaceEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::CreateFrame. 
internal routine now exposed... results in a frame from a given renderer - a more stable solution than MKPFRAME which would require MUCH work to implement all checks everywhere... 
This is function sack::PSI::DestroyCommonEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::DestroyControlEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::DetachFrameFromRenderer. 
This is function sack::PSI::DisplayFrame. 
This is function sack::PSI::DisplayFrameOn. 
This is function sack::PSI::DisplayFrameOver. 
This is function sack::PSI::DisplayFrameOverOn. 
stacks the physical display behind this other frame... 
please fill out the required forms, submit them once and only once. see form definition above, be sure to sign them. in the future (after now), expansion can be handled by observing the size of the registration entry. at sizeof(registration) - 4 is always the type ID result of this registration... 
each control has itself a draw border method. void CPROC DrawBorder( PTRSZVAL psv, PSI_CONTROL pc ); check box uses these... ??? 
This is function sack::PSI::DrawThinFrameImage. 
This is function sack::PSI::DrawThinFrameInverted. 
This is function sack::PSI::DrawThinFrameInvertedImage. 
This is function sack::PSI::DrawThinnerFrame. 
Draw a 2 pixel frame around a control. 
This is function sack::PSI::DrawThinnerFrameInverted. 
This is function sack::PSI::DrawThinnerFrameInvertedImage. 
This is function sack::PSI::DumpFrameContents. 
This is function sack::PSI::EnableCommonUpdates. 
This is function sack::PSI::EnableControl. 
1) causes all updates to be done in video thread, otherwise selecting opengl context fails. 2) ... 
This is function sack::PSI::FixFrameFocus. 
results in the total width (left and right) of the frame 
results in left offset of the surface within the frame... 
results in the total height (top and bottom) of frame (and caption) 
results in top offset of the surface within the frame... 
This is function sack::PSI::GetBaseColor. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetCommonFontEx. 
Generic control functions 
This is function sack::PSI::GetCommonTextEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetControl. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetControlColor. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetControlID. 
depricated PSI_PROC( PSI_CONTROL, CreateControl)( PSI_CONTROL pFrame , int nID , int x, int y , int w, int h , int BorderType , int extra ); 
This is function sack::PSI::GetControlTypeName. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetCurrentDisplaySurface. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetFrame. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetFrameFromRenderer. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetFramePosition. 
any control on a frame may be passed, and the top level 
This is function sack::PSI::GetFrameSize. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetMyInterface. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetNearControl. 
This is function sack::PSI::GetPhysicalCoordinate. 
This is function sack::PSI::HideCommon. 
This is function sack::PSI::HideFrame. 
This is function sack::PSI::InitCommonButton. 
This is function sack::PSI::IntelligentFrameUpdateAllDirtyControls. 
This is function sack::PSI::IsControlEnabled. 
This is function sack::PSI::IsControlFocused. 
This is function sack::PSI::IsControlHidden. 
This is function sack::PSI::LoadFrame. 
This is function sack::PSI::LoadFrameFromFile. 
This is function sack::PSI::LoadFrameFromMemory. 
This is function sack::PSI::MakeCaptionedControl. 
This is function sack::PSI::MakeControl. 
init is called with an extra parameter on the stack works as long as we guarantee C stack call basis... the register_control structure allows this override. 
This is function sack::PSI::MakeNamedCaptionedControl. 
This is function sack::PSI::MakeNamedControl. 
MakePrivateControl passes BORDER_NO_EXTRA_INIT... 
MakePrivateControl passes BORDER_NO_EXTRA_INIT... 
This is function sack::PSI::MoveCommon. 
This is function sack::PSI::MoveCommonRel. 
This is function sack::PSI::MoveSizeCommon. 
This is function sack::PSI::MoveSizeCommonRel. 
This is function sack::PSI::OpenPhysicalDevice. 
This is function sack::PSI::OrphanCommon. 
This is function sack::PSI::OrphanCommonEx. 
bOwn sets the ownership of mouse events to a control, where it remains until released. Some other control has no way to steal it. 
This is function sack::PSI::ProcessControlMessages. 
This is function sack::PSI::PSI_OpenFile. 
This is function sack::PSI::RegisterResource. 
restore background restores the prior background of the control so that semi-opaque controls can draw over the correct surface. 
This is function sack::PSI::RevealCommonEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::SaveFrame. 
use scale_x and scale_y to scale a, b, results are done in a, b 
This is function sack::PSI::SetBaseColor. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetCommonAcceptDroppedFiles. 
Update the border type of a control. See BorderOptionTypes 
This is function sack::PSI::SetCommonButtons. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetCommonDraw. 
set focus to this control, it's container which needs to be updated is discoverable from the control itself. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetCommonFont. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetCommonKey. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetCommonLoad. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetCommonMouse. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetCommonSave. 
setting scale of this control immediately scales all contained controls, but the control itself remains at it's current size. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetCommonText. 
this allows the application to toggle the transparency characteristic of a control. If a control is transparent, then it behaves automatically as one should using CopyOriginalSurface and restoring that surface before doing the draw. The application does not need to concern itself with restoring the prior image, but it must also assume that the entire surface has been destroyed, and partial updates are not possible. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetCommonUserData. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetControlColor. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetControlID. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetControlImageInterface. 
Initialize colors to current windows colors 
This is function sack::PSI::SetControlText. 
update to current border type drawing. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetFrameInit. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetFrameText. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetNoFocus. 
This is function sack::PSI::SetUpdateRegionEx. 
Misc Controls (and widgets
result is the address of a user buffer to read into, reslen is the size of that buffer. question is put above the question... pAbove is the window which this one should be placed above (lock-stacked) 
This is function sack::PSI::SizeCommon. 
This is function sack::PSI::SizeCommonRel. 
This is function sack::PSI::SmudgeCommonAreaEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::SmudgeCommonEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::SmudgeSomeControls. 
This is function sack::PSI::TryLoadingFrameImage. 
PSI_PROC void SetControlKey( PSI_CONTROL pc, void (*KeyMethod)( PSI_CONTROL pc, int key ) ); 
else define UpdateCommon(pc) UpdateCommonEx(pc,TRUE DBG_SRC) endif define UpdateControlEx(pc,draw) UpdateCommonEx( (PSI_CONTROL)pc, draw ) define UpdateFrameEx(pc,draw) UpdateCommonEx( (PSI_CONTROL)pc, draw ) 
do the draw to the display... 
output to the physical surface the rectangle of the control's surface specified. 
This is function sack::PSI::VMakeCaptionedControl. 
This is function sack::PSI::VMakeControl. 
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