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The following table lists macros in this documentation.

This is macro sack::app::registry::___DefineRegistryMethod. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::___DefineRegistryMethod2. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::___DefineRegistryMethod2P. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::___DefineRegistryMethodP. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::__DefineRegistryMethod. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::__DefineRegistryMethod2. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::__DefineRegistryMethod2P. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::SimpleRegisterMethod. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::_DefineRegistryMethod. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::_DefineRegistryMethodP. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::_DefineRegistrySubMethod. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::DefineRegistryMethod. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::DefineRegistryMethodP. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::DefineRegistrySubMethod. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::DMETHOD_PTR. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::GET_PUBLIC_DATA. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::GetRegisteredInterface. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::GetRegisteredProcedure. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::GetRegisteredProcedure2. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::GetRegisteredProcedureExx. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::GetRegisteredProcedureNonCPROC. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::GetRegisteredStaticIntValue. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::METHOD_ALIAS. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::METHOD_PTR. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::paste. 
This is a macro used to paste two symbols together. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::PDMETHOD_ALIAS. 
this macro is used for ___DefineRegistryMethodP. Because this is used with complex names an extra define wrapper of priority_preload must be used to fully resolve paramters. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::PUBLIC_DATA. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::PUBLIC_DATA_EX. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::ReadRegisteredProcedure. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::RegisterFunction. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::RegisterFunctionEx. 
define RegisterFunctionExx( r,nc,p,rt,proc,ar ) RegisterFunctionExx( r,nc,p,rt,proc,ar,TARGETNAME,NULL DBG_SRC
RegisterProcedure( name_class // additional name , nice_name // nice name , return type not in quotes 'void' , function_name in quotes '"Function"' , args not in quotes '(int,char,float,UserType*)' 
RegisterProcedureEx( root // root path , name_class // additional name , nice_name // nice name , return type not in quotes 'void' , function_name in quotes '"Function"' , args not in quotes '(int,char,float,UserType*)' 
This is macro sack::app::registry::ReleaseRegisteredFunction. 
attempts to use dynamic linking functions to resolve passed global name if that fails, then a type is registered for this global, and an instance created, so that that instance may be reloaded again, otherwise the data in the main application is used... actually we should deprecate the dynamic loading part, and just register the type.

SimpleRegisterAndCreateGlobal Simply registers the type as a global variable type. Allows creation of the global space later. 
Init routine is called, otherwise a 0 filled space is returned. Init routine is passed the pointer to the global and the size of the global block the global data block is zero initialized. 
This is macro sack::app::registry::SimpleRegisterMethod. 
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