Sack Library Documentation

Crafted by: Jim Buckeyne 

Purpose: Provide a well defined, concise structure for describing controls. The only methods that are well supported are create, destroy, draw, mouse, and keyboard 

Also- the method for extracting class private data from an abstract PSI_CONTROL handle is provided, called ValidatedControlData() 

A registration function that hooks into deadstart loading is available so that registrations are complete by the time the application starts in main. 

(c)Freedom Collective, Jim Buckeyne 2006; SACK Collection.

This is macro PSI_STUFF_DEFINED. 
Render provides a method to display images on a screen. It is the interface between memory images and the window desktop or frame buffer the user is viewing on a monitor.

Under windows, this is implemented as an HWND and an HBITMAP used to allow the application to draw. Updates are done directly from the drawable surface to the HWND as appropriate for the type of service. This is implemented with Vidlib.dll.

Under Linux, this is mounted against SDL. SDL, however, does not give multiple display surfaces, so a more direct method should be used someday, other than SDL does... more 
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