Sack Library Documentation

The following table lists functions in this documentation.

Enables a timer on the mouse to hide the cursor after a second that the mouse is not being moved. 
Adds a sprite rendering method to the display. Just before updating to the display, the display is saved, and sprite update callbacks are issued. then the resulting display is output. Sprite data only exists on the output image just before it is put on the physical display. 
returns the native handle used to output to. this can be an SDL_Screen or HWND depending on platform. 
Lock the renderer for this thread to use. 
Function to check if the draw mode of the renderer requires an ALL update (opengl/direct3d) every frame the whole display must be drawn. 
Sets whether the display wants to get any mouse events at all. 
Unlock the renderer for other threads to use. 
Adds a callback to call when a file is dropped. Each callback can return 0 that it did not accept the file, or 1 that it did. once the file is accepted by a handler, it is not passed to any other handlers. 
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