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This is function sack::intershell::AddButtonLayout. 
BeginSubConfiguration.... colntrol_type_name is a InterShell widget path/name for the type of other info to save... the method for setting additional configuration methods is invoked by thisname. Then end_type_name is the last string which will close the subconfiguration. 
This is function sack::intershell::ClearPageList. 
depricated - used for forward migration... 
This is function sack::intershell::CreateLabelVariable. 
This is function sack::intershell::CreateLabelVariableEx. 
This is function sack::intershell::EscapeMenuString. 
magically knows which button we're editing at the moment. intended to only be used during OnEditControl() Event Handler 
This is function sack::intershell::HidePageExx. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_AddCommonButtonConfig. 
INTERSHELL_PROC( void, InterShell_SetButtonAnimation )( PMENU_BUTTON button, CTEXTSTR name ); 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_CommonImageUnloadByImage. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_CommonImageUnloadByName. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_CreateControl. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_CreateSomeControl. 
this sets a one time flag on a button which disables the auto page change which may be assigned to a button. tend/issue/perform these types of verbs may fail, and this is the only sort of thing at the moment that happens... perhaps renaming this to button_abort_function could be done? 
disable updates on the page, disable updating of buttons... 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_GetButtonColors. 
this provides low level access to a button, let the programmer beware. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_GetButtonHighlight. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_GetButtonText. 
might get a seperate canvas per page if it's opened in multi-frame mode. otherwise pass NULL to get the default canvas 
actual worker function for InterShell_GetLabelText - but suport dispatch to bProcControlEx 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_GetCurrentConfigHandler. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_GetCurrentLoadingControl. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_GetCurrentlyCreatingButton. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_GetPhysicalButton. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_GetSystemName. 
local export to allow exxternal plugins to control whether the main display is showing... (specially for Tasks at this time... when an exclusive task is launched, display is hidden) 
return if the button is just virtual (part of a macro) 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_Reveal. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_SaveCommonButtonParameters. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_SetButtonColor. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_SetButtonColors. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_SetButtonFont. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_SetButtonHighlight. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_SetButtonImage. 
For InterShell_SetButtonImageAlpha..... 0 is no alpha change. alpha < 0 increases transparency alpha > 0 increases opacity. Max value is +/-255 
THis function returns the font of the current button being edited... this result can be used for controls that are not really buttons to get the common properties of the font being used for this control... 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_SetButtonText. 
width/height, x/y 
use of this is preferred, otherwise thread conflicts will destroy the buffer. 
This is function sack::intershell::InterShell_TranslateLabelTextEx. 
update any labels which are using this variable. 
update any labels which are using this variable. list of PVARIABLE types 
wake up menu processing... there's a flag that was restart that this thinks it might want... 
This is function sack::intershell::RestoreCurrentPage. 
This is function sack::intershell::ResumeMenu. 
This is function sack::intershell::SaveCanvasConfiguration. 
This is function sack::intershell::SaveCanvasConfiguration_XML. 
layout members which have a position x, y, font, text and color of their own may be created on buttons. They are displayed below the lense/ridge[up/down] and above the background. 
magically knows which button we're editing at the moment. intended to only be used during OnEditControl() Event Handler 
a call will push the current page on a stack which will be returned to if returncurrentpage is used. clear page list will flush the stack cause there is such a temptation to call to all pages, providing near inifinite page recall (back back back) 
This is function sack::intershell::ShellCallSetCurrentPageEx. 
This is function sack::intershell::ShellGetCurrentPage. 
pages controls here... 
pass pc NULL defaults internally to using the main frame surface. The page name returns the current page of that name. 
This is function sack::intershell::ShellReturnCurrentPage. 
special names start, next, prior are keywords that imply direct page stacking. 
This is function sack::intershell::ShellSetCurrentPageEx. 
INTERSHELL_PROC( void, UpdateButtonEx )( PMENU_BUTTON button, int bEndingEdit ); 
This is function sack::intershell::UseAFont. 
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