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result with TRUE if equal, else FALSE 
This is function sack::network::CompareAddressEx. 
dwIP would be for (0x04030201 - memory 01 02 03 04) - network order 
dwIP would be for (0x01020304 - memory 04 03 02 01) - host order VERY RARE! 
This is function sack::network::CreateLocal. 
This is function sack::network::CreateRemote. 
this is the preferred method to create an address name may be "* / *" with a slash, then the address result will be a unix socket (if supported) name may have an options ":port" port number associated, if there is no port, then the default port is used. 
This is function sack::network::DoPingEx. 
return a copy of this address... 
This is function sack::network::GetAddressParts. 
This is function sack::network::GetMacAddress. 
This is function sack::network::GetNetworkInt. 
This is function sack::network::GetNetworkLong. 
This is function sack::network::GetNetworkWord. 
typedef struct Client { unsigned char Private_Structure_information_here; }CLIENT, *PCLIENT; #endif 
compare this address to see if it is any of my IPv4 interfaces 
returns true if network layer still active... Shutdown these network services, stop the network thread, and close all sockets open, releasing all internal resources. 
This is function sack::network::NetworkLockEx. 
This is function sack::network::NetworkQuit. 
This is function sack::network::NetworkUnlockEx. 
wwords is BYTES and wClients=16 is defaulted to 16 
release a socket resource that has been created by an above routine 
This is function sack::network::RemoveClientExx. 
This is function sack::network::SetAddressPort. 
This is function sack::network::SetNetworkCloseCallback. 
This is function sack::network::SetNetworkReadComplete. 
This is function sack::network::SetNetworkWriteComplete. 
This is function sack::network::SetNetworkCloseCallback. 
This is function sack::network::SetNetworkInt. 
This is function sack::network::SetNetworkLong. 
This is function sack::network::SetNetworkReadComplete. 
Obsolete. See SetNetworkLong
This is function sack::network::SetNetworkWriteComplete. 
This is function sack::network::SetNonDefaultPort. 
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