Sack Library Documentation

The following table lists macros in this documentation.

These are internal messages to pass to the display handling thread. most are unimplemented.

key is sensitive to capslock state 
set to disallow key redefinition 
no keydef here... 
This is macro sack::image::render::KDF_NOREDEF. 
key is sensitive to numlock state the numpad returns num0 - ... or numpad returns home/end/pgdn etc... 
action is called on key release 
if !defined( DISPLAY_SOURCE ) && !defined( DISPLAY_SERVICE ) && !defined( DISPLAY_CLIENT ) 
This is macro sack::image::render::KEYMOD_ALT. 
This is macro sack::image::render::KEYMOD_ANY. 
This is macro sack::image::render::KEYMOD_CTRL. 
This is macro sack::image::render::KEYMOD_NORMAL. 
This is macro sack::image::render::KEYMOD_SHIFT. 
This is the type that the sack::image::render primarily deals with. This is used to put Image to physical display. It can be a truly alpha transparent surface on Windows XP+, and the transparent surface can do region updates in Windows Vista+.

This typename is aliased to different real structures depending on context. The application should just regard this type as a simple value and never ever try to delve into it. 
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