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The following table lists macros in this documentation.

okay transparent level 1 red is disable key. - cause that's such a useful color alone. A Special color symbol used to pass to InterShell_ SetButtonColors which causes the color to remain whatever it was, ignore any change. 
This is macro sack::intershell::COLOR_IGNORE. 
This is macro sack::intershell::ENDALL_REGISTERED. 
This is macro sack::intershell::EndSecurityContext. 
fixup button has been depricated for external usage please use UpdateButton instead. (which does also invoke fixup) UpdateButton INTERSHELL_PROC( void, FixupButtonEx )( PMENU_BUTTON button DBG_PASS); 
GETALL_REGISTERED( WIDE("issue_pos/common/common_config") ) 
This is macro sack::intershell::HidePageEx. 
Pointer to the basic control that InterShell uses to track controls on pages. This is given to a plugin when a control is created, and the control should just treat this as a handle and use proper interface methods with intershell.core to get information. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnChangePage. 
Event handler invoked when a control is cloned (using existing interface) static void OnCloneControl( WIDE( "blah" ) )( PTRSZVAL psvControlThatIsNewClone, PTRSZVAL psvControlThatIsBeingCloned ) 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnConfigureControl. 
Method invoked when a control is selected and a copy operation invoked. New method requires 'static <return type>' to be applied... static void OnCopyControl( "blah" )( PTRSZVAL psvYourControl ); 
parametrs to this are the parent control, x, y, width and height 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnCreateListbox. 
OnCreateMenuButton(name)(PMENU_BUTTON button ) { /*create button data*/ 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnDestroyControl. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnDestroyListbox. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnDestroyMenuButton. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnDoubleSelectListboxItem. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnDropAccept. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnEditBegin. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnEditControl. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnEditEnd. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnEditModeBegin. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnEditModeEnd. 
Intended use:edits properties regarding page security... OnPageChange return FALSE to disallow page change... 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnEditSecurityContext. 
invoked when ALL initialzation is run, just after the menu is shown. (tasks, first load) 
invoked when all other initization is done, and before the main applciation actually runs and displays stuff. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnFixupControl. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnFixupMenuButton. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnGetControl. 
passed the PSI_CONTROL of the menu canvas, used to give the control the parent to display its frame against. may also be used to get the current page. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnHideControl. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnInterShellShutdown. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnLoad. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnLoadCommon. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnLoadControl. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnLoadSecurityContext. 
Method invoked when a control is selected and a paste operation invoked. New method requires 'static <return type>' to be applied... static void OnPasteControl( WIDE( "blah" ) )( PTRSZVAL psvYourControl ); 
return TRUE/FALSE whether the control should be shown, else it remains hidden. this method is used both with MenuButton and Control. This is called after FixupButton(on MenuButtonOnly) and EndEdit( on Controls and MenuButtons ) this is called during RestorePage(Full), which is used by ChangePage() after HidePage(). 

  • this is depreicated, buttons shouldn't really HAVE to know the button they are...

#define OnSaveMenuButton(name) DefineRegistryMethod(TASK_PREFIX,SaveButton,WIDE( "control" ),name,WIDE( "button_save" ),void,(FILE*,PMENU_BUTTON,PTRSZVAL)) #define OnSaveCommon OnSaveMenuButton 

This is macro sack::intershell::OnSaveCommon. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnSaveControl. 
this method is depricated also, and will soon be obsolete.... perfer usage of OnSave and OnLoad for further development 
handler to catch event of when a page is saved. The currnet ppage_data is passed as a convenience 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnSaveSecurityContext. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnSaveXMLPage. 
This is macro sack::intershell::OnSelectListboxItem. 
things like clock can do a clock unlock things like lists can requery databases to show new items.... 
result INVALID_INDEX - premission denied result 0 - no context any other result is a result handle that is also closed when complete 
define UpdateButtonEx( button, edit ) UpdateButtonExx( button, edit DBG_SRC
This is macro sack::intershell::UpdateButtonEx. 
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