Sack Library Documentation

The following table lists macros in this documentation.

This is macro sack::sql::CheckODBCTable. 
recently added {} container braces for structure element 
This is macro sack::sql::GetNameIndex. 
This is macro sack::sql::GetNameIndexEx. 
This is macro sack::sql::IsSQLOpen. 
maximum columns that can be specified for a multicolumn index in required_key_def
a field definition can be a rename, and contain prior names, so that the rename can be tracked and migrated appropraitely. Unfortuntaly this sort of operation only affects this code, and not all auxiliary code. 
This is macro sack::sql::OpenSQLConnect. 
This is macro sack::sql::PopODBC. 
This is macro sack::sql::PopODBCEx. 
This is macro PSSQL_PROC. 
sets the count and the array of a statically declared required_table_tag
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