Sack Library Documentation
Structs, Records, Enums

The following table lists structs, records, enums in this documentation.

This enumeration defines flags that can be used to specify the border of controls. 
these are the indexes for base color 
define ControlType(pc) ((pc)->nType) 
This is record sack::PSI::common_button_data. 
Control Registration structure. Obsolete method of registering a control and the methods of a control. Internally these methods are just registered as they would with the procedure registration methods 
This is record sack::PSI::edit_state_tag. 
This is record sack::PSI::physical_device_interface. 
This is type sack::PSI::COMMON_BUTTON_DATA. 
This is type sack::PSI::PCOMMON_BUTTON_DATA. 
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