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The following table lists types in this documentation.

include "../src/vectlib/vecstruc.h 
Constant pointer to a constant transform. For things like _I transformation which is the identity translation. 
these SHOULD be dimension relative, but we lack much code for that... 
after Move() these callbacks are invoked. 
A representation of a rectangular 2 dimensional area. 
pointer to a point. 
pointer to a constant point. 
Pointer to a constant transform. 
pointer to a constant vector
This is a pure abstraction of a Line. It is used in the basis of 3d graphics. 
Describes the rotation matrix for a PTRANSFORM
A representation of a rectangular 2 dimensional area. 
pointer to a vector
basic type that Vectlib is based on. This specifies a 'real' (aka float) coordinate. Combinations of coordinates create vectors and points. 
A vector type. Contains 3 values by default, library can handle 4 dimensional transformations(?) 
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