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Define COLOR type. Basically the image library regards color as 32 bits of data. User applications end up needing to specify colors in the correct method for the platform they are working on. This provides aliases to rearrange colors. For instance the colors on windows and the colors for OpenGL are not exactly the same. If the OpenGL driver is specified as the output device, the entire code would need to be rebuilt for specifying colors correctly for opengl. While otherwise they are both 32 bits, and peices work, they get very ugly colors output.

An exclusion symbol for defining CDATA and color operations. 
Render provides a method to display images on a screen. It is the interface between memory images and the window desktop or frame buffer the user is viewing on a monitor.

Under windows, this is implemented as an HWND and an HBITMAP used to allow the application to draw. Updates are done directly from the drawable surface to the HWND as appropriate for the type of service. This is implemented with Vidlib.dll.

Under Linux, this is mounted against SDL. SDL, however, does not give multiple display surfaces, so a more direct method should be used someday, other than SDL does... more 
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