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Purpose: Provides some cross platform/library functionatlity for filesystem activities.

  • File dates, times, stuff like that
  • make paths, change paths
  • path parsing (like strchr, strrchr, but looking for closest / or )
  • scan a directory for a set of files... using a recursive callback method

Defined the namespace of file montior utilities. File monitor provides event notification based on file system changes. 
Define the end symbol for file monitor namespace. 
defined the file system partial namespace (under SACK_NAMESPACE probably) 
Define the ending symbol for file system namespace. 
Defines the file montior namespace when compiling C++. 
Define end file monitor namespace. 
uhmm in legacy usage this was not CPROC, but was unspecified 
define the file system namespace. 
define the file system namespace end. 
Header multiple inclusion protection symbol. 
Render provides a method to display images on a screen. It is the interface between memory images and the window desktop or frame buffer the user is viewing on a monitor.

Under windows, this is implemented as an HWND and an HBITMAP used to allow the application to draw. Updates are done directly from the drawable surface to the HWND as appropriate for the type of service. This is implemented with Vidlib.dll.

Under Linux, this is mounted against SDL. SDL, however, does not give multiple display surfaces, so a more direct method should be used someday, other than SDL does... more 
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