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sack::PSI::_mouse Namespace


This is for internal organization, events and routines the mouse uses and features it adds to the PSI control... like issuing auto updates on unlock... well... it's internal anyhow

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Add a usage counter to a control. Controls in use have redraw events blocked. 
Adds a wait to a control. This prevents drawing while the system is out of a drawable state. 
Captures the mouse to the current control, it's like an OwnMouse for a control. 
Removes a use added by AddUse. COntrols in use cannot update. 
Removes a wait added by AddWait 
Routine in mouse space which draws hotspots on the frame indicating areas that can be manipulated on a control. Otherwise controls are fully active, and you can use them as you are developing. Hotspots are drawn in WHITE unless the mouse is captured by one, then the spot is RED. 
Invokes a default button on a frame. 
Releases a use. This is the oppsite of AddWait(). 
This one is public, Sets the mouse position relative to a point in a frame. 
This is an internal routine which sets the hotspot drawing coordiantes. Prepares for drawing, but doesn't draw. 
Specifies symbols for which default control to press - default accept or default cancel. 
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