Sack Library Documentation
sack::PSI::font::PickFont Function
Font PickFont(S_32 x, S_32 y, size_t * size, POINTER * pFontData, PSI_CONTROL pAbove);
S_32 x 
screen location of the dialog 
S_32 y 
screen location of the dialog 
size_t * size 
pointer to a 32 bit value to receive the length of the font's data 
POINTER * pFontData 
pointer to a pointer to be filled with the address of a FONTDATA describing the chosen font
parent window to make sure this is stacked above. 

Pick a font. This shows a dialog

POINTER data = NULL; // gets filled with font data - initialize to NULL or a previously returned FONTDATA.
_32 data_length = 0; // result font data length.
Font font = PickFont( 0, 0, &data_length, &data, NULL );
    // and like I really need to exemplify saving a block of data...
    FILE *file = fopen( "font_description", "wb" );
    fwrite( data, 1, data_length, file );
    fclose( file );
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