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ListBox Control

The following table lists functions in this documentation. 
The following table lists types in this documentation. 
The following table lists macros in this documentation. 
put an item at end of list. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::AddListItemEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::ClearSelectedItems. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::DeleteListItem. 
returns the prior state of disabledness 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::EnumListItems. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::EnumSelectedListItems. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::FindListItem. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::GetItemData. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::GetItemListbox. 
depreicated, use GetListItemText instead, please 
returns only multiselect option, not lazy with multselect 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::GetListboxMultiSelectEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::GetListItemText. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::GetNthItem. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::GetNthTreeItem. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::GetSelectedItem. 
put an item after a known item... NULL to add at head of list. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::InsertListItemEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::MoveListItem. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::MoveListItemEx. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::OpenListItem. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::ResetList. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetCurrentItem. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetDoubleClickHandler. 
on right click down,up this proc is triggered... 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetItemData. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetItemSelected. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetItemText. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetListboxIsTree. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetListboxMultiSelect. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetListboxMultiSelectEx. 
may someday add SORT_INVERSE? 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetListBoxTabStops. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetListItemOpenHandler. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetSelChangeHandler. 
This is function sack::PSI::listbox::SetSelectedItem. 
This is macro sack::PSI::listbox::GetItemText. 
This is macro sack::PSI::listbox::LISTBOX_SORT_DISABLE. 
This is macro sack::PSI::listbox::LISTBOX_SORT_NORMAL. 
This is macro sack::PSI::listbox::LISTOPT_SORT. 
This is macro sack::PSI::listbox::LISTOPT_TREE. 
This is macro sack::PSI::listbox::MakeListBox. 
This is type sack::PSI::listbox::DoubleClicker. 
if bopened - branch is being expanded, else it is being closed (collapsed) 
This is type sack::PSI::listbox::PLISTITEM. 
This is type sack::PSI::listbox::SelectionChanged. 
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