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sack::PSI::old_constants Namespace

This is namespace sack::PSI::old_constants.

The following table lists macros in this documentation. 
last known builtin control... 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::COMBOBOX_CONTROL. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::COMBOBOX_CONTROL_NAME. 
TBI (to be implemented) 
TBI (to be implemented) 
master level control framing... 
master level control framing... 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::CONTROL_SUB_FRAME. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::CONTROL_SUB_FRAME_NAME. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::CUSTOM_BUTTON. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::CUSTOM_BUTTON_NAME. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::EDIT_FIELD. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::EDIT_FIELD_NAME. 
TBI (to be implemented) 
TBI (to be implemented) 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::IMAGE_BUTTON. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::IMAGE_BUTTON_NAME. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::LISTBOX_CONTROL. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::LISTBOX_CONTROL_NAME. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::NORMAL_BUTTON. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::NORMAL_BUTTON_NAME. 
also subtype radio button 
also subtype radio button 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::SCROLLBAR_CONTROL. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::SCROLLBAR_CONTROL_NAME. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::SHEET_CONTROL. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::SHEET_CONTROL_NAME. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::SLIDER_CONTROL. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::SLIDER_CONTROL_NAME. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::STATIC_TEXT. 
This is macro sack::PSI::old_constants::STATIC_TEXT_NAME. 
returns a default control to user - type 1 
returns a default control to user - type 1 
should be sufficiently high as to not conflict with common controls 
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