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sack::PSI::sheet_control Namespace

Misc Controls (and widgets)

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Adds a sheet to a tab control. A sheet is just another PSI_CONTROL frame. 
Sets a page as disabled. Disabled tabs cannot be clicked on to select. 
returns the integer ID of the selected sheet. 
Request a sheet control by ID. 
Gets a control from a specific sheet in the tab control 
Get the size of sheets for this sheet control. So the page creator can create a page that is the correct size for the sheet dialog. 
Removes a sheet from a tab control. 
Set which property sheet is currently selected. 
set tab images on a per-sheet basis, overriding the defaults specified. 
Sets the active and inactive colors for text
Tab images are sliced and diced across the vertical center of the image the center is then spread as wide as the caption requires. set default tabs for the sheet control itself 
with the ability to set the image for the tab, suppose it would be wise to set the sheet's text color on the tab... Initial tabs are black and white, with inverse black/white text... 
This is macro sack::PSI::sheet_control::MakeSheetControl. 
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