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sack::app::deadstart::RegisterPriorityStartupProc Function
DEADSTART_PROC void DEADSTART_CALLTYPE RegisterPriorityStartupProc(void(*)(void), CTEXTSTR, int, void* unused, CTEXTSTR, int);
void* unused 
this is an unused parameter. The macros fill it with &ThisRegisteringRoutine, so that the routine itself is referenced by code, and helps the compile not optimize out this code. The functions which perform the registration are prone to be optimized because it's hard for the compiler to identify that they are refernced by other names indirectly. 
pointer to a function to call at startup. 
text name of the function 
priority at which to call the function. 
usually __FILE__ of the code doing this registration. 
usually __LINE__ of the code doing this registration. 

Used by PRELOAD and PRIORITY_PRELOAD macros to register a startup routine at a specific priority. Lower number priorities are scheduled to run before higher number priorities*backwards from ATEXIT priorities*. Using this scheduling mechanisms, routines which create threads under windows are guaranteed to run before main, and are guaranteed able to create threads. (They are outside of the loader lock)

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