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sack::app::registry::RegisterAndCreateGlobalWithInit Function
IMPORT_METHOD void CPROC RegisterAndCreateGlobalWithInit(POINTER * ppGlobal, PTRSZVAL global_size, CTEXTSTR name, void (__cdecl*Init)(POINTER,PTRSZVAL));
#define SimpleRegisterAndCreateGlobalWithInit( name,init ) RegisterAndCreateGlobalWithInit( (POINTER*)&name, sizeof( *name ), WIDE(#name), init )
POINTER * ppGlobal 
Address of the pointer to the global region 
PTRSZVAL global_size 
size of the global region to create 
name of the global region to register (so future users get back the same data area) 
function to call to initialize the region when created. (doesn't have to be a global. Could be used to implement types that have class constructors - or not, since there's only one instance of a global - this is more for singletons). 

Init routine is called, otherwise a 0 filled space is returned. Init routine is passed the pointer to the global and the size of the global block the global data block is zero initialized.

typedef struct {
   int data;
} my_global;
my_global *global;
void __cdecl InitRegion( POINTER region, PTRSZVAL region_size )
    // do something to initialize 'region'
PRELOAD( InitGlobal )
    SimpleRegisterAndCreateGlobalWithInit( global, InitRegion );
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