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sack::containers::BinaryTree::AddBinaryNode Macro
#define AddBinaryNode(r,u,k) AddBinaryNodeEx((r),(u),(k) DBG_SRC )
PTREEROOT binary tree instance. 
POINTER to some user object. 
PTRSZVAL a integer type which can be used to identify the data. (used to compare in the tree).

If the user has specified a custom comparison routine in an extended CreateBinaryTree(), then this value might be a pointer to some other data. Often the thing used to key into a binary tree is a CTEXTSTR

The tree may be created with BT_OPT_NODUPLICATES, in which case this will result FALSE if the key is found duplicated in the list. Otherwise this returns TRUE. if the root parameter is NULL, the result is FALSE.

Adds a user pointer identified by key to a binary list.

PTREEROOT tree = CreateBinaryTree();
PTRSZVAL key = 1;
POINTER data = NewArray( TEXTCHAR, 32 );
AddBinaryNode( tree, data, key );
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