Sack Library Documentation
sack::containers::text::BuildLineExEx Function
__cdecl TYPELIB_PROC PTEXT BuildLineExEx(PTEXT pt, LOGICAL bSingle, int nTabsize, PTEXT pEOL DBG_PASS);
#define BuildLineEx(from,single) BuildLineExEx( from,single,8,NULL DBG_SRC )
pointer to a PTEXT segment. 
LOGICAL bSingle 
if TRUE, build only the first segment. If the segment is indirect, builds entire content of indirect. 
int nTabsize 
how wide tabs are. When written into a line, tabs are written as spaces. (maybe if 0, tabs are emitted directly?) 
the segment to use to represent an end of line. Often this is a SegCreate(0) segment. 

Collapses an indirect segment or a while list of segments into a single segment with content expanded. When passed to things like TextParse and Burst, segments have their positioning encoded to counters for tabs and spaces; the segment itself contains only text without whitespace. Buildline expands these segments into their plain text representation.

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