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sack::containers::text::IsSegAnyNumberEx Function
__cdecl TYPELIB_PROC int IsSegAnyNumberEx(PTEXT * ppText, double * pfNumber, S_64 * piNumber, int * pbIsInt, int bUseAllSegs);
#define IsSegAnyNumber(pptext, pfNum, piNum, pbIsInt) IsSegAnyNumberEx( pptext, pfNum, piNum, pbIsInt, 0 )
PTEXT * ppText 
pointer to PTEXT to check 
double * pfNumber 
pointer to double to get result of number it's a float 
S_64 * piNumber 
pointer to a signed 64 bit value to get the result if it's not a float. 
int * pbIsInt 
point to a integer - receives boolean result if the segment was an integer is TRUE else it's a double. 
int bUseAllSegs 
if TRUE, use all the segments starting with the first, and update the pointer to the next stgment. If false, use only the first segment. if uses all segments, it must also use ALL segments to get the number. 

0 if not a number or fails. 

1 if a valid conversion took place.

Tests the content of a PTEXT to see if it might be a number.

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