Sack Library Documentation
sack::image::BlatColorAlpha Function
__cdecl IMAGE_PROC void BlatColorAlpha(Image pifDest, S_32 x, S_32 y, _32 w, _32 h, CDATA color);
void (* BlatColorAlpha)(Image pifDest, S_32 x, S_32 y, _32 w, _32 h, CDATA color);
Image pifDest 
The destination image to fill the rectangle on 
S_32 x 
left coordinate of the rectangle 
S_32 y 
right coordinate of the rectangle 
_32 w 
width of the rectangle 
_32 h 
height of the rectangle 
CDATA color 
color to fill the rectangle with. The alpha of this color will be applied.

Blat is the sound a trumpet makes when it spews forth noise... so Blat color is just fill a rectangle with a color, quickly. Apply alpha transparency of the color specified.

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