Sack Library Documentation
sack::image::DecodeMemoryToImage Function
__cdecl IMAGE_PROC Image DecodeMemoryToImage(P_8 buf, _32 size);
Image (* DecodeMemoryToImage)(P_8 buf, _32 size);
P_8 buf 
Pointer to bytes of data to decode 
_32 size 
the size of the buffer to decode 

NULL is returned if the data does not decode as an image

an Image is returned otherwise.

Decodes a block of memory into an image. This is used internally so, LoadImageFile() opens the file and reads it into a buffer, which it then passes to DecodeMemoryToImage(). Images stored in custom user structures may be passed for decoding also.

This pretends that you have a FILE* open to some image already, and that the image is tiny (less than 4k bytes).

char buffer[4096];
int length;
length = fread( buffer, 1, 4096, some_file );
Image image = DecodeMemoryToImage( buffer, length );
if( image )
   // buffer decoded okay.
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