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sack::image::RenderFontFileEx Function
__cdecl IMAGE_PROC Font RenderFontFileEx(CTEXTSTR file, _32 width, _32 height, _32 flags, size_t * pnFontDataSize, POINTER * pFontData);
File name of a font to render. Any font that freetype supports. 
_32 width 
width of characters to render in. 
_32 height 
height of characters to render
_32 flags 
if( ( flags & 3 ) == 3 )
font->flags = FONT_FLAG_8BIT;
else if( ( flags & 3 ) == 2 )
font->flags = FONT_FLAG_2BIT;
font->flags = FONT_FLAG_MONO;
size_t * pnFontDataSize 
optional pointer to a 32 bit value to receive the size of rendered data. 
POINTER * pFontData 
The render data. This data can be used to recreate this font. 

Renders a font file and returns a Font. The font can then be used in string output functions to images.

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