Sack Library Documentation
sack::image::ResizeImageEx Function
__cdecl IMAGE_PROC void ResizeImageEx(Image pImage, S_32 width, S_32 height DBG_PASS);
void (* ResizeImageEx)(Image pImage, S_32 width, S_32 height DBG_PASS);

Change the size of an image, reallocating the color buffer as necessary. 



If the image is a sub image (located within a parent), the subimage view on the parent image is updated to the new width and height. The color buffer remains the parent's buffer. 

If the image is a parent, a new buffer is allocated. If the previous buffer was specified by the user in RemakeImage, that buffer is not freed, but a new buffer is still created. 



If the image is a parent image, the child images are not updated to the newly allocated buffer. Resize works really well for subimages though.

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