Sack Library Documentation
sack::network::GetNetworkLongAccessInternal Enumeration
enum GetNetworkLongAccessInternal {
  GNL_IP = (-1),
  GNL_PORT = (-4),
  GNL_MYIP = (-3),
  GNL_MYPORT = (-2),
  GNL_MAC_LOW = (-5),
  GNL_MAC_HIGH = (-6)
GNL_IP = (-1) 
Gets the IP of the remote side of the connection, if applicable. UDP Sockets don't have a bound destination. 
GNL_PORT = (-4) 
Gets the port at the remote side of the connection that is being sent to. 
GNL_MYIP = (-3) 
Gets the 4 byte IPv4 address that is what I am using on my side. After a socket has sent, it will have a set source IP under windows. 
GNL_MYPORT = (-2) 
Gets the 16 bit port of the TCP or UDP connection that you are sending from locally. 
GNL_MAC_LOW = (-5) 
Gets the low 32 bits of a hardware MAC address. 
GNL_MAC_HIGH = (-6) 
Get MAC address high 16 bits. 

Symbols which may be passed to GetNetworkLong to get internal parts of the client.

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