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sack::network::udp::CPPServeUDPAddrEx Function
IMPORT_METHOD PCLIENT CPPServeUDPAddrEx(SOCKADDR * pAddr, cReadCompleteEx pReadComplete, PTRSZVAL psvRead, cCloseCallback Close, PTRSZVAL psvClose, int bCPP DBG_PASS);
Pointer to a string address to listen at. Can be NULL to listen on any interface, (also specified as ""), see CreateSockAddress notes. 
cReadCompleteEx pReadComplete 
user callback which is invoked when a read completes on a UDP socket. 
cCloseCallback Close 
close callback which is invoked when the new network connection is closed. 
16 bit value for the port to listen at. 

NULL if no clients available, or if address bind on listen side fails. 

otherwise is a valid network connection to send and receive UDP data on. 

The read_complete callback, if specified, will be called, with a NULL pointer and 0 size, before the connect complete.

Open a UDP socket. Since the address to send to is implied on each message that is sent, all that is required is to setup where the UDP socket is listening.

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