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The following table lists functions in this documentation.

Add two vectors together. (a1,b1,c1) + (a2,b2,c2) = (a1+a2,b1+b2,c1+c2) 
Adds a vector scaled by a scalar to another vector, results in a third vector
When Move is called on the transform, these callbacks are invoked so user code can get even update for motion. 
This is function sack::math::vector::Apply. 
I know this was a result - unsure how it was implented... void ApplyT (PTRANFORM pt, PTRANSFORM pt1, PTRANSFORM pt2 ); 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyInverseR. 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyInverseRotation. 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyInverseRotationT. 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyInverseT. 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyInverseTranslation. 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyInverseTranslationT. 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyR. 
again note there was a void ApplyInverseT 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyRotationT. 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyT. 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyTranslation. 
This is function sack::math::vector::ApplyTranslationT. 
Resets a transform back to initial conitions. 
Returns the cos (cosine) of the angle between two vectors. 
Allocates and initializes a new transform for the user. if name is NULL, allocates an unnamed transform; otherwise the transform is created in a known namespace that can be browsed. 
This is function sack::math::vector::CreateTransformMotion. 
This is function sack::math::vector::crossproduct. 
This is function sack::math::vector::DestroyTransform. 
Returns the distance a point is as projected on another vector. The result is the distance along that vector from the origin. 
Returns the distance between two points. 
This is function sack::math::vector::dotproduct. 
Sets the forward direction speed in a PTRANSFORM
This is function sack::math::vector::GetAccel. 
This is function sack::math::vector::GetAxis. 
This is function sack::math::vector::GetAxisV. 
This is function sack::math::vector::GetGLMatrix. 
This is function sack::math::vector::GetOrigin. 
This is function sack::math::vector::GetOriginV. 
This is function sack::math::vector::GetSpeed. 
Inverts a vector. that is vector * -1. (a,b,c) = (-a,-b,-c)
Badly named function.
InvertTransform turns a transform sideways, that is takes axis-normal transforms and turns them for sending to other graphic systems.  
Returns the scalar length of a vector
Recovers a transformation state from a file. 
Updates a transform by it's current speed and rotation assuming speed and rotation are specified in x per 1 second. Applies the fraction of time between now and the prior time move was called and scales speed and rotation by that when applying it. 
Normalizes a non-zero vector. That is the resulting length of the vector is 1.0. Modifies the vector in place. 
Dumps to syslog a current matrix. Shows both matrix content, and the cross products between the matrix that cross1 should be row 0, cross2 should be row 1 and cross3 should be row2. Pass a text name to identify this matrix from others. 
Logs the vector and leader to log. the leader is called lpName, cause it was inteded to be used by just the vector name. 
Same as PrintVectorEx, but prints to standard output using printf. 
result is the projection of project onto onto 
Sets the right direction speed in a PTRANSFORM
This is function sack::math::vector::RotateAbs. 
This is function sack::math::vector::RotateAbsV. 
Rotates a transform around some arbitrary axis. (any line may be used to rotate the transformation's rotation matrix) 
Rotates around the 'up' of the current rotation matrix. Same as a yaw rotation. 
Sets the current 'up' axis of a transformation. The forward axis is adjusted so that it remains perpendicular to the mast axis vs the right axis. After the forward axis is updated, the right axis is adjusted to be perpendicular to up and forward. 
Updates the current rotation matrix of a transform by a relative amount. Amounts to rotate about the x, y and z axii are given in radians. 
Update a transformation matrix by relative degress about the x axix, y axis and z axis. 
This is function sack::math::vector::RotateRight. 
This is function sack::math::vector::RotateTo. 
Provides a way to save a matrix ( direct binary file dump) 
Scales a vector by a scalar 
This is function sack::math::vector::Scale. 
Sets the acceleration applied to the speed when Move is called. 
This is function sack::math::vector::SetAxis. 
This is function sack::math::vector::SetAxisV. 
This is function sack::math::vector::SetRotation. 
Set the speed vector used when Move is applied to a PTRANSFORM
Set how long it takes, in milliseconds, to move 1 unit of speed vector or rotate 1 unit of rotation vector when Move is called. Each matrix maintains a last tick. If many thousands of matrixes were used, probably a batch move could be implemented that would maintain tick counts for a group of matrixes... don't know how long it takes to compute move, but timeGetTime will slow it down a lot. 
This is function sack::math::vector::showstd. 
This is function sack::math::vector::showstdEx. 
This is function sack::math::vector::ShowTransformEx. 
Returns the sin of the angle between two vectors. 
subtracts two vectors and stores the result in another vector
This is function sack::math::vector::Translate. 
This is function sack::math::vector::TranslateRel. 
This is function sack::math::vector::TranslateRelV. 
This is function sack::math::vector::TranslateV. 
Sets the up direction speed in a PTRANSFORM
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