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sack::math::vector::SetTimeInterval Function
MATHLIB_EXPORT void SetTimeInterval(PTRANSFORM pt, RCOORD speed_interval, RCOORD rotation_interval);
transform to set the time interval on. 
RCOORD speed_interval 
what the time interval should be for speed. 
RCOORD rotation_interval 
what the time interval should be for rotation. 

Set how long it takes, in milliseconds, to move 1 unit of speed vector or rotate 1 unit of rotation vector when Move is called. Each matrix maintains a last tick. If many thousands of matrixes were used, probably a batch move could be implemented that would maintain tick counts for a group of matrixes... don't know how long it takes to compute move, but timeGetTime will slow it down a lot.

A default interval of 1000 is used. So it will take 1000 milliseconds to move one unit of speed. This could be set to 3600000 and then it would take one hour to move one unit of speed. (miles per hour) 


Rotation has its own interval that affects rotation the same way; If your rotation was set to roll 2*pi radians, then it would revolve one full rotation in the said time.

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