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The following table lists functions in this documentation.

This is function sack::system::EndImpersonation. 
ctextstr as its own type is a pointer so a PcTextStr is a pointer to strings - char ** - returns a quoted string if args have spaces (and escape quotes in args?) 
This is function sack::system::GetProgramName. 
This is function sack::system::GetProgramPath. 
This is function sack::system::GetStartupPath. 
This is function sack::system::GetTaskExitCode. 
This is function sack::system::ImpersonateInteractiveUser. 
This is function sack::system::IsSystemShuttingDown. 
HandlePeerOutput is called whenever a peer task has generated output on stdout or stderr
  • someday evolution may require processing stdout and stderr with different event handlers
This is function sack::system::LaunchPeerProgramExx. 
This is function sack::system::LaunchProgram. 
This is function sack::system::LaunchProgramEx. 
This is function sack::system::LoadFunctionEx. 
This is function sack::system::LoadFunctionExx. 
This is function sack::system::LoadPrivateFunctionEx. 
this needs to have 'GetCommandLine()' passed to it.
  • Otherwise, the command line needs to have the program name, and arguments passed in the string
  • the parameter to winmain has the program name skipped
generate output to a task... read by peer task on standard input pipe 
This is function sack::system::SetProgramUserData. 
generate a Ctrl-C to the task. maybe also signal systray icon maybe also signal process.lock region maybe end process? maybe then terminate process? 
This is function sack::system::SystemEx. 
This is function sack::system::TerminateProgram. 
this is a pointer pointer - being that generic_fucntion is a pointer... 
This is function sack::system::vpprintf. 
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