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This is namespace sack::system.

The following table lists functions in this documentation. 
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This is function sack::system::EndImpersonation. 
ctextstr as its own type is a pointer so a PcTextStr is a pointer to strings - char ** - returns a quoted string if args have spaces (and escape quotes in args?) 
This is function sack::system::GetProgramName. 
This is function sack::system::GetProgramPath. 
This is function sack::system::GetStartupPath. 
This is function sack::system::GetTaskExitCode. 
This is function sack::system::ImpersonateInteractiveUser. 
This is function sack::system::IsSystemShuttingDown. 
HandlePeerOutput is called whenever a peer task has generated output on stdout or stderr
  • someday evolution may require processing stdout and stderr with different event handlers
This is function sack::system::LaunchPeerProgramExx. 
This is function sack::system::LaunchProgram. 
This is function sack::system::LaunchProgramEx. 
This is function sack::system::LoadFunctionEx. 
This is function sack::system::LoadFunctionExx. 
This is function sack::system::LoadPrivateFunctionEx. 
this needs to have 'GetCommandLine()' passed to it.
  • Otherwise, the command line needs to have the program name, and arguments passed in the string
  • the parameter to winmain has the program name skipped
generate output to a task... read by peer task on standard input pipe 
This is function sack::system::SetProgramUserData. 
generate a Ctrl-C to the task. maybe also signal systray icon maybe also signal process.lock region maybe end process? maybe then terminate process? 
This is function sack::system::SystemEx. 
This is function sack::system::TerminateProgram. 
this is a pointer pointer - being that generic_fucntion is a pointer... 
This is function sack::system::vpprintf. 
This is macro sack::system::LaunchPeerProgram. 
This is macro sack::system::LoadFunction. 
This is macro sack::system::LoadPrivateFunction. 
Run a program completely detached from the current process it runs independantly. Program does not suspend until it completes. No way at all to know if the program works or fails. 
This is macro sack::system::LPP_OPTION_FIRST_ARG_IS_ARG. 
This is macro sack::system::LPP_OPTION_IMPERSONATE_EXPLORER. 
This is macro sack::system::System. 
This is macro sack::system::UnloadFunction. 
This is type sack::system::generic_function. 
This is type sack::system::PTASK_INFO. 
This is type sack::system::TaskEnd. 
This is type sack::system::TaskOutput. 
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