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The following table lists macros in this documentation.

Basic way to register a routine to run when the program exits gracefully. 
A macro to define some code to run during program shutdown. An additional priority may be specified if the order matters. Higher numbers are called first. 
this is just a global space initializer (shared, named region, allows static link plugins to share information)

Allocates its shared memory global region, so if this library is built statically and referenced in multiple plugins ConfigScript can share the same symbol tables. This also provides sharing between C++ and C. 
A macro to specify the call type of schedule routines. This can be changed in most projects without affect, it comes into play if plugins built by different compilers are used, __cdecl is most standard. 
Not sure where this is referenced, this the core routine itself is scheduled with this symbol to the compiler if appropriate. 
A definition for how to declare these functions. if the source itself is comipling these are _export, otherwise external things linking here are _import. 
Routines are scheduled at this priority when the PRELOAD function is used. 
global_init_preload_priority-1 is used by sharemem.. memory needs init before it can register itself 
image_preload MUST be after Namespce preload (anything that uses RegisterAndCreateGlobal) should init this before vidlib (which needs image?) 
This is used once in deadstart_prog.c which is used to invoke startups when the program finishes loading. 
need to open the queues and threads before the service server can begin... 
Level which message core service initializes. During startup message services can register themselves also; but not before this priority level. 
Level which names initializes. Names is the process registration code. It has a common shared global registered.
procreg; aka names.c 
OS A[bstraction] L[ayer] O[n] T[op] - system lib 
This is the most basic way to define some code to run initialization before main.
Defines some code to run at program shutdown time. Allows specification of a priority. Higher priorities are run first. 
Defines some code to run at program inialization time. Allows specification of a priority. Lower priorities run first. (default is 69). 
Initialization level where PSI registers its builtin controls. 
This is the core atexit. It dispatches all other exit routines. This is defined for internal use only... 
this is just a global space initializer (shared, named region, allows static link plugins to share information) 
Level at which logging is initialized. Nothing under this should be doing logging, if it does, the behavior is not as well defined. 
Level at which the video render library performs its initialization; RegisterClass() level code. 
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