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The following table lists types in this documentation.

color data raw... 
a 4 byte array of color (not really used, we mostly went with CDATA and PCDATA instead of COLOR and PCOLOR 
IMAGE_LIBRARY_SOURCE a definition for a single color channel - for function replacements for ___Val macros 
A fixed point decimal number (for freetype font rendering) 
Contains information about a font for drawing and rendering from a font file. 
defines FONTDATA for internal usage. 
One of the two primary types that the image library works with. 
#ifndef IMAGE_STRUCTURE_DEFINED #define IMAGE_STRUCTURE_DEFINED consider minimal size - +/- 32000 should be enough for display purposes. print... well that's another matter. 
An unsigned value coordinate pair to track the size of images. 
An array of 2 IMAGE_COORDINATES - [0] = x, [1] = y 
Represents the width and height of an image (unsigned values) 
The basic structure. This is referenced by applications as 'Image' This is the primary type that the image library works with.
This is the internal definition.
This is a actual data content, Image is (ImageFile *). 
Pointer to a IMAGE_EXTENT 
Pointer to an IMAGE_POINT 
pointer to an array of 32 bit colors 
A Pointer to COLOR. Probably an array of color (a block of pixels for instance) 
types of data which may result... 
Information to render a font from a file to memory
pointer to a sprite type. 
pointer to a structure defining a sprite draw method this should be defined in render namespace... 
A Sprite type. Adds position and rotation and motion factors to an image. Hooks into the render system to get an update to draw on a temporary layer after the base rendering is done. 
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