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sack::PSI::font::PickFontWithUpdate Function
Font PickFontWithUpdate(S_32 x, S_32 y, size_t * pFontDataSize, POINTER * pFontData, PSI_CONTROL pAbove, void (__cdecl *UpdateFont)( PTRSZVAL psv, Font font ), PTRSZVAL psvUpdate);
S_32 x 
x screen position to put the dialog 
S_32 y 
y screen position to put the dialog 
size_t * pFontDataSize 
pointer to a 32 bit value to receive the font data length. (can ba NULL to ignore) 
POINTER * pFontData 
pointer to pointer to get font_data. (can ba NULL to ignore) 
pointer to a frame to stack this one above. 
PTRSZVAL psvUpdate 
user data to pass to use callback when invoked. 
user callback passed the psvUpdate data and the Font that has been updated. 

PickFontWithUpdate can be used to receive event notices when the font is changed, allowing immediately refresh using the changed font.

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