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sack::PSI::font::PickScaledFontWithUpdate Function
Font PickScaledFontWithUpdate(S_32 x, S_32 y, PFRACTION width_scale, PFRACTION height_scale, size_t * pFontDataSize, POINTER * pFontData, PSI_CONTROL pAbove, void (__cdecl *UpdateFont)( PTRSZVAL psv, Font font ), PTRSZVAL psvUpdate);
PFRACTION width_scale 
pointer to a scalar fraction to scale the font by 
PFRACTION height_scale 
pointer to a scalar fraction to scale the font by 

common dialog to get a font which is then available for all Image text operations (PutString, PutCharacter) result font selection data can be resulted in the area referenced by the pointer, and size pointer... 

actual work done here for pUpdateFontFor(NULL) ... if pUpdateFontFor is not null, an apply button will appear, allowing the actual control to be updated to the chosen font

scale_width, height magically apply... and are saved in the font data structure for re-rendering... if a font is rendered here the same exact font result will be acheived using RenderScaledFont( pdata )

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