Sack Library Documentation
sack::app::registry::___DefineRegistryMethod2P Macro
#define ___DefineRegistryMethod2P(priority,task,name,classtype,methodname,desc,returntype,argtypes,line) \
    CPROC paste(name,line)argtypes;       \
    PRIORITY_PRELOAD( paste(paste(paste(Register,name),Method),line), priority ) {  \
    SimpleRegisterMethod( task WIDE("/") classtype, paste(name,line)  \
    , _WIDE(#returntype), methodname, _WIDE(#argtypes) ); \
   RegisterValue( task WIDE("/") classtype WIDE("/") methodname, WIDE("Description"), desc ); \
}                                                                          \
    static returntype CPROC paste(name,line)

This is macro sack::app::registry::___DefineRegistryMethod2P.

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