Sack Library Documentation
sack::network::tcp::OpenTCPListenerAddrExx Function
IMPORT_METHOD PCLIENT OpenTCPListenerAddrExx(SOCKADDR *, cNotifyCallback NotifyCallback DBG_PASS);
address to serve at. See CreateSockAddress(). 
specified the port to listen at. This family that takes just a port FAILS if there are multiple network interfaces and or virtual private networks. 
user callback which will be invoked when a new connection to the TCP server has been made. 

NULL if no clients available, or if address bind on listen side fails. 

otherwise is a valid network connection to send and receive UDP data on. 

The read_complete callback, if specified, will be called, with a NULL pointer and 0 size, before the connect complete.

Opens a TCP socket which listens for connections. Other TCP sockets may be connected to this one once it has been created.

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