Sack Library Documentation

The following table lists functions in this documentation.

#The buffer will be sent in the order of the writes to the socket, and released when empty. If the socket is immediatly able to write, the buffer will be sent, and any remai 
Opens a socket which connects to an already existing, listening, socket. 
Opens a TCP socket which listens for connections. Other TCP sockets may be connected to this one once it has been created. 
TCP Connections have a keep-alive option, that data will be automatically sent to make sure the connection is still alive. 
TCP sockets have what is called a NAGLE algorithm that helps them gather small packets into larger packets. This implies a latency on sent communications, but can provide a boost to overall speed. 
Drain is an operation on a TCP socket to just drop the next X bytes. They are ignored and not stored into any user buffer. Drain reads take precedence over any other queued reads. 
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