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sack::network::tcp::doTCPWriteExx Function
IMPORT_METHOD LOGICAL doTCPWriteExx(PCLIENT lpClient, CPOINTER pInBuffer, size_t nInLen, int bLongBuffer, int failpending DBG_PASS);
PCLIENT lpClient 
network connection to write to 
buffer to write 
size_t nInLen 
Length of the buffer to send 
int bLongBuffer 
if TRUE, then the buffer written is maintained exactly by the network layer. A WriteComplete callback will be invoked when the buffer has been sent so the application might delete the buffer. 
Uhmm... maybe if it goes to pending, fail? 

#The buffer will be sent in the order of the writes to the socket, and released when empty. If the socket is immediatly able to write, the buffer will be sent, and any remai

If bLongBuffer is not set, then if the write cannot immediately complete, then a new buffer is allocated internally, and unsent data is buffered by the network collection. This allows the user to not worry about slowdowns due to blocking writes. Often writes complete immediately, and are not buffered other than in the user's own buffer passed to this write.

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