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The following table lists macros in this documentation.

This is macro sack::PSI::AdoptControl. 
This is macro sack::PSI::AdoptControlEx. 
This is macro sack::PSI::AdoptFrame. 
This is macro sack::PSI::ARG. 
, PTRSZVAL nID, ... ); 
This is macro sack::PSI::COMMON_BUTTON_HEIGHT. 
This is macro sack::PSI::COMMON_BUTTON_PAD. 
This is macro sack::PSI::COMMON_BUTTON_WIDTH. 
This is macro sack::PSI::CONTROL_INIT. 
This is macro sack::PSI::CONTROL_INIT_EX. 
, PTRSZVAL nID, ... ); 
default_width, default_height, 
This is macro sack::PSI::CONTROL_PROC_DEF_EX. 
This is macro sack::PSI::CONTROL_PROPERTIES. 
This is macro sack::PSI::CONTROL_PROPERTIES_DONE. 
PSI_PROC( int, DoRegisterSubcontrol )( PSUBCONTROL_REGISTRATION pcr ); 
This is macro sack::PSI::CopyOriginalSurface. 
This is macro sack::PSI::DeclMethod. 
This is macro sack::PSI::DeclSingleMethod. 
This is macro sack::PSI::DestroyCommon. 
This is macro sack::PSI::DestroyControl. 
PSI_PROC( void, DestroyFrameEx)( PSI_CONTROL pf DBG_PASS ); 
This is macro sack::PSI::DoRegisterControl. 
This is macro sack::PSI::EasyRegisterControl. 
This is macro sack::PSI::EasyRegisterControlEx. 
This is macro sack::PSI::EasyRegisterControlWithBorder. 
This is macro sack::PSI::EasyRegisterControlWithBorderEx. 
This is macro sack::PSI::EasyRegisterResource. 
This is macro sack::PSI::EasyRegisterResourceRange. 
This is macro sack::PSI::EnableControlUpdates. 
This is macro sack::PSI::EnableFrameUpdates. 
This is macro sack::PSI::FFF_BACKWARD. 
This is macro sack::PSI::FFF_FORWARD. 
dir 0 here only... in case we removed ourself from focusable dir -1 go backwards dir 1 go forwards 
This is macro sack::PSI::FP_ARG. 
This is macro sack::PSI::GetCommonFont. 
This is macro sack::PSI::GetControlText. 
This is macro sack::PSI::GetControlTextEx. 
This is macro sack::PSI::GetFrame. 
This is macro sack::PSI::GetFrameFont. 
This is macro sack::PSI::GetFrameSurface. 
This is macro sack::PSI::GetFrameText. 
This is macro sack::PSI::GetFrameUserData. 
This is macro sack::PSI::IDCANCEL. 
This is macro sack::PSI::IDOK. 
right now - all these methods evolved from a void function, therefore, this needs to invoke all key/draw methods not just until 'processed' 
This is macro sack::PSI::InvokeMethod. 
This is macro sack::PSI::InvokeResultingMethod. 
This is macro sack::PSI::InvokeSingleMethod. 
This is macro sack::PSI::LinePaste. 
This is macro sack::PSI::LinePaste2. 
this was never implemented. 
PSI_PROC( int, RegisterControlProcName )( CTEXTSTR name, POINTER MakeProc, POINTER LoadProc ); 
This is macro sack::PSI::MoveControl. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MoveControlRel. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MoveFrame. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MoveFrameRel. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MoveSizeControl. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MoveSizeControlRel. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MoveSizeFrame. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MoveSizeFrameRel. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MyControlID. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MyControlIDEx. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MyValidatedControlData. 
This is macro sack::PSI::MyValidatedControlDataEx. 
bFocused will be true if control gains focus if !bFocused, control is losing focus.
Return type is actually void now. The below notes were for before.
  1. with current focus is told it will lose focus (!bFocus).
    1. control may allow focus loss (return !FALSE) (goto 3)
    2. control may reject focus loss, which will force it to remain (return FALSE)
  2. current focus reference of the container is cleared
  3. newly focused control is told it now has focus.
    1. it may accept the focus (return TRUE/!FALSE)
    2. it may reject the focus - and the focus will be left... more 
This is the first event a control will receive. When it is created with MakeNamedControl, et al. this event will be called. It allows the control to initialize its personal data to something. It can be considered a constructor of the control. 
Event when a control is being destroyed. Allows a control to destroy any internal resources it may have associated with the control. 
Event given to a control when it needs to draw. 
The frame edit mode has begun, and controls are given an opportunity to make life good for themselves and those around them - such as sheet controls displaying sheets separately. 
When a frame's edit phase ends, controls are notified with this event. 
This event is called when a control is hidden. A control that is now hidden might do something like stop update timers, stop reading input information, or whatever else the control is doing that affects its display. 
Controls may register a keyboard event procedure. This will receive notifications about what key is hit. Using mouse keys are impractical, because you would have to test every key for a new up/down status and figure out which key it was that went up and down and whether you should so something. A Simple test for like 'is this the space bar' might work as a mouse event processing MK_OBUTTON events. 
move_starting is TRUE when the position starts changing and is false when the change is done... this allows a critical section to be entered and left around the resize. 
User event callback called when a mouse event happens over a control, unless the control has claimed the mouse, in which case the mouse may not be over the control. X and Y are signed coordinates, if OwnMouse is called, then mouse events outside of the control may be trapped. buttons is a combination of ButtonFlags. If there is no keyboard event, keys will also be given to mouse event as button MK_OBUTTON. 
This event callback is called when a control's position changes. Usually only happens on the outer parent frame. 
return a frame page to the caller for display. 
on cancel return void ( your_control, the sheet your resulted to get_property_page 
some controls may change their appearance and drawing characteristics based on having their properties edited. This is done after either read or abort is done, also after the container dialog is destroyed, thereby indicating that any reference to the frame you created is now gone, unless you did magic. 
on okay - read your information for ( your control, from the frame ) 
Event given to the control when it is shown. Some controls assign new content to themselves if they are now able to be shown. 
User event that is triggered when the size of a control changes. 
This is macro sack::PSI::OrphanControl. 
This is macro sack::PSI::OrphanControlEx. 
This is macro sack::PSI::OrphanFrame. 
typedef POINTER PSI_CONTROL; any remaining code should reference PSI_CONTROL 
This is macro sack::PSI::PCONTROL. 
This is macro sack::PSI::PROP_HEIGHT. 
This is macro sack::PSI::PROP_PAD. 
size of the property dialog page... 
This is macro sack::PSI::PSI_PROC. 
This is macro sack::PSI::PSI_ROOT_REGISTRY. 
this was never implemented. 
This is macro sack::PSI::RegisterControl. 
This is macro sack::PSI::RegisterFrame. 
this was never implemented. 
This is macro sack::PSI::RevealCommon. 
Scroll Control 
This is macro sack::PSI::SCROLL_VERITCAL. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SetCommonBorder. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SetControlData. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SetControlLoad. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SetControlSave. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SetFrameFont. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SetFrameLoad. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SetFrameSave. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SetFrameUserData. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SetUpdateRegion. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SimpleRegisterAppResource. 
assuming one uses a 
This is macro sack::PSI::SizeControl. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SizeControlRel. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SizeFrame. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SizeFrameRel. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SmudgeCommon. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SmudgeCommonArea. 
This is macro sack::PSI::SYMVAL. 
these IDs are used to designate default control IDs for buttons... 
ifdef SOURCE_PSI2 
This is macro sack::PSI::UpdateControl. 
This is macro sack::PSI::UpdateFrame. 
This is macro sack::PSI::ValidatedControlData. 
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