Sack Library Documentation
sack::PSI::OnCreateCommon Macro
int (__cdecl * init)(PSI_CONTROL);
#define OnCreateCommon(name) \
    __DefineRegistryMethodP(PSI_PRELOAD_PRIORITY,PSI_ROOT_REGISTRY,unused_name,WIDE("control"),name WIDE("/rtti"),WIDE("init"),int,(PSI_CONTROL), __LINE__)

This is the first event a control will receive. When it is created with MakeNamedControl, et al. this event will be called. It allows the control to initialize its personal data to something. It can be considered a constructor of the control.

Registers under 


static int OnCreateCommon(name)( PSI_CONTROL control )
    POINTER user_data = ControlData( control );
    //return 0; // return 0 or FALSE to fail control creation.
    return 1; // allow the control to be created
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