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This is file buttons.h. 
Define COLOR type. Basically the image library regards color as 32 bits of data. User applications end up needing to specify colors in the correct method for the platform they are working on. This provides aliases to rearrange colors. For instance the colors on windows and the colors for OpenGL are not exactly the same. If the OpenGL driver is specified as the output device, the entire code would need to be rebuilt for specifying colors correctly for opengl. While otherwise they are both 32 bits, and peices work, they get very ugly colors output. 
Defines interface for Construct API.
This API is for distributed process tracking. A launching program will receive notifications to cause certain events to happen. Applications built for use by this execution tracking program will register that they are loading while they are loading, and before the application Main() is invoked. the application should then call LoadComplete() once they have initialized and are ready to process. This allows a quick-wait to wait for the process to register that it is loading, and a longer wait for process completion. Certain processes may not require others to be completely loaded, but maybe just... more 
This is file controls.h. 
This is file controlstruc.h. 
This is file deadstart.h. 
This is file edit.h. 
This is file exit_priorities.h. 
A header for doing .NET /CLR compatiblity changes. Things like fopen needing to be _fopen_s and junk. 
This is file filemon.h. 
Created By Jim Buckeyne
Purpose: Provides some cross platform/library functionatlity for filesystem activities.
  • File dates, times, stuff like that
  • make paths, change paths
  • path parsing (like strchr, strrchr, but looking for closest / or )
  • scan a directory for a set of files... using a recursive callback method
these are rude defines overloading otherwise very practical types but - they have to be dispatched after all standard headers. 
This is file fntglobal.h. 
Defines a simple FRACTION type. Fractions are useful for scaling one value to another. These operations are handles continously. so iterating a fraction like 13 denominations of 100 will be smooth. 
This is file global.h. 
Generalized HTTP Processing. All POST, GET, RESPONSE packets all fit within this structure. 
Crafted by Jim Buckeyne (c)1999-2006++ Freedom Collective

Image building tracking, and simple manipulations. 
This is file imagestruct.h. 
Defines the interface InterShell exports for plugin modules to use.
This is file intershell_registry.h. 
This is file keybrd.h. 
This is file keydef.h. 
This is file keydefs.h. 
Includes networking as appropriate for the target platform. Providing compatibility definitions as are lacking between platforms... or perhaps appropriate name aliasing to the correct types. 
Crafted by James Buckeyne
(c) Freedom Collective 2000-2006++
created to provide standard logging features lprintf( format, ... ); simple, basic if DEBUG, then logs to a file of the same name as the program if RELEASE most of this logging goes away at compile time.
standardized to never use int. 
This is file menuflags.h. 
This is file msgprotocol.h. 
This is file namespaces.h. 
This is file network.h. 
Create: James Buckeyne
Purpose: Provide a general structure to register names of routines and data structures which may be consulted for runtime linking. Aliases and other features make this a useful library for tracking interface registration...
The namespace may be enumerated. 
Crafted by: Jim Buckeyne
Purpose: Provide a well defined, concise structure for describing controls. The only methods that are well supported are create, destroy, draw, mouse, and keyboard
Also- the method for extracting class private data from an abstract PSI_CONTROL handle is provided, called ValidatedControlData()
A registration function that hooks into deadstart loading is available so that registrations are complete by the time the application starts in main.
(c)Freedom Collective, Jim Buckeyne 2006; SACK Collection. 
more documentation at end 
Render provides a method to display images on a screen. It is the interface between memory images and the window desktop or frame buffer the user is viewing on a monitor.

Under windows, this is implemented as an HWND and an HBITMAP used to allow the application to draw. Updates are done directly from the drawable surface to the HWND as appropriate for the type of service. This is implemented with Vidlib.dll.

Under Linux, this is mounted against SDL. SDL, however, does not give multiple display surfaces, so a more direct method should be used someday, other than SDL does... more 
Define most of the core types on which everything else is based. Also defines some of the primitive container structures. We also handle a lot of platform/compiler abstraction here.

This is automatically included with stdhdrs.h; however, when including sack_types.h, the minimal headers are pulled. stdhdrs.h 
This is file shadewell.h. 
This is file sharemem.h. 
This is file signed_unsigned_comparisons.h. 
This is file slider.h. 
This is file sqlgetoption.h. 
This is file sqloptint.h. 
Includes the system platform as required or appropriate. If under a linux system, include appropriate basic linux type headers, if under windows pull "windows.h".

Includes the MOST stuff here ( a full windows.h parse is many many lines of code.) 
Created by Jim Buckeyne
Purpose Generalization of system routines which began in dekware development.
  • Process control (load,start,stop)
  • Library runtime link control (load, unload)
Crafted by Jim Buckeyne
(c)2001-2006++ Freedom Collective
Provide API interface for timers, critical sections and other thread things. 
This contains the methods to use the base container types defined in sack_types.h
one day I'd like to make a multidimensional library but for now - 3D is sufficient - it can handle everything under 2D ignoring the Z axis... although it would be more efficient to do 2D implementation alone... but without function overloading the names of all the functions become much too complex.. well perhaps - maybe I can make all the required functions with a suffix - and supply defines to choose the default based on the dimension number 
This is file vectypes.h. 
This is file vidstruc.h. 
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